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2001 Season

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Greetings from Florida!

In anticipation of another busy season, we’re asking everyone to please return these applications ASAP. We’re doing a huge recruiting push this winter and the sooner we receive your letters, the sooner we'll be able to reserve a spot for you on the roster. Our goal is to have all paperwork completed before you arrive on location. The better organized we are the easier it will be to get good housing and great teammates. So please, even if you’ve worked with us forever, take a moment to fill out these sheets and send them in. This will serve to update our files for next season and give us an idea of where you want to spend the summer. If you have a scanner, you can also email it back to us at dive@atlantic.net.

We’re working on some exciting new fairs and parks for next year, but for now this is what we have confirmed.

Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH  Taste of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Six Flags Over Georgia, Atlanta, GA  Illinois State Fair, Springfield, IL
Worlds O’ Fun, Kansas City, MO Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson, KS   
Six Flags Great Escape, Albany, NY  

All theme parks run from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend with the exception of Six Flags in Atlanta. They will potentially open as early as March 20th, and run weekends until Memorial Day. The “Taste” runs from 6/29 to 7/8. Illinois State is in Mid-August, and Kansas is in Mid-September. 

We will keep you informed as new contracts become available.s

We should be able to continue our bonus program next year. We made some exceptions last year, but this year we will be following our criteria more closely. Once again, these are bonuses and not guaranteed income. It comes from a fund that I build into theme park contracts in case emergencies arise. The smoother the year runs, the better chance everyone has of receiving their maximum bonus. They are based on experience(1st year-5%, 2nd year-7.5%,

3rd year and up-10% of your THEME PARK earnings), and completion of the entire season. Next year, if you arrive late or leave early, it will affect your bonus. The cost of replacing people proves year after year to be very expensive during those time periods. This will also reward the people who go to the effort of rearranging their schedule so that they are there through the end of the season.