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Diving Links

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American Diving Clubs
International Diving Clubs
Sites of Interest

Admiral Farragut Academy's Swim and Dive Team

Wasserspringen in München : GER World Ranking : FINA

Atlanta Diving GA

Dive Ontario


Alamo Area Aquatics Diving TX

The Australian Diving Association

German Diving Deutscher Schwimm-Verband, e.V. GER

Alhambra Dive Club


Aquarius Diving Club USA


Arizona Kachina Divers AZ

World Youth Meet in Waldkraiburg 2000

Nicolas Leblanc's web page

Bengal Tiger Diving LA.

Thunder Bay Diving Club : CAN

Victorian Diving Association : AUS

BC Diving Academy TX

CAMO Plongeon / CAMO Diving Club CAN

World High Diving Federation
Blue Dolphins USA

Boston Area Diving

Team Canada CAN

Neptun Simhopp SWE

Cincinnati Stingrays OH

Poseidon Hopp : SWE

Deutscher Schwimm-Verband : GER

Cardinal Diving CT

South Africa Diving : ZAF

Team Australia AUS

Clavadistas del Sol AZ


Crown Valley Divers CA

Dive Calgary CAN

Scuola Tuffi Valdagno ITY

Dive Cincinnatti OH

Nationalmannschaft : GER

Dutch Diving International : NED

Dive Thousand Oaks CA


Diving Info on US Olympic

Diving Photos

Bofors Simhoppsklubb : SWE

Diving With Drew IL

Manitoba Diving CAN

LASS Simhopp : SWE


Pingvin Stupklubb : NOR

NSW Diving : AUS

FAST Diving Club NY

Gatquatic Divers CAN

Eric Brooker's Web Page in Australia AUS

GC Divers TX.


Computer Graphics for Improvement of Springboard Diving

GPDive High School

Canadian Amateur Diving Association CAN

Stavanger Stupe Club : NOR

Greg Louganis Home Page

Saskatoon Diving Club : CAN

Diving Club in Switzerland

High School Springboard Diving Page USA

Edmonton Kinsmen Diving Club CAN

Bofors Simhoppsklubb, Karlskoga : SWE

Hunter Shafer Diving

The Dutch Diving Home Page

Pingvin Stupklubb : NOR

Indy Starz IN

South African Springboard and Diving Association

A.C.T. Diving Academy : AUS

Jetstream Diving FL

Fredericton Diving Club


Lightning Diving MO.


Mark Lenzi's new web page

Ubirajara Nogueira Barbosa : BRA


Mesa Desert Divers AZ


Miami Diving

Club aquatique Riviere-des-Prairies (CARP)

Simklubben Neptun : SWE - John's homeclub

Mile High Diving CO

Nepean Diving - Ottawa CAN

The Nepean Ottawa Diving Club

Minnesota Dive Club MI


Mission Viejo Nadadores Dive Team USA

Coaching Australians Springboard & Platfrom

Wellington Diving Club : NZL

Montgomery County
Diving League


Montgomery Dive Club MD

Great Britain Diving Federation  

Svenska Simförbundet : SWE

Moss Farms Diving GA


Nantucket Diving MA.

Team Germany GER

Adelaide Diving Club : AUS

Nashville Diving

Poseidon Hopp : SWE

Skånes Simförbunds : SWE

New England Diving Assoc.

Saskatchewan Diving / Plongeon CAN

Schweizerischer Schwimmverband

Northern NY. Diving Assoc.


North Carolina Aquatics


North Shore Diving IL

Quebec Diving Federation Quebecois CAN

Fédération du Plongeon Amateur du Québec : CAN

Northern Virginia Dive Club,

NSW Diving : AUS

Verband Österreichischer Schwimmvereine : AUT

Patriot Diving VA


Pacific Diving Academy

Providence Twisters


Rose Bowl Aquatics Diving Team

Cassius Duran : BRA

Simklubben Neptun : SWE

Sagebrush Diving CO

Bofors Simhoppsklubb : SWE

Real Federación Española de Natación

San Antonio Divers


Santa Clara Divers

Plonge! CAN

Saskatchewan Diving / Plongeon : CAN

SLAP Diving

Schweizerischer Schwimmverband: CHE

Diving Info on Calgary

Southern Pacific Association Homepage CA

Etoicoke Diving CAN


Stanford Diving CA USA

Edmonton Springboard and Platform Diving Club CAN

Pan Am Diving Club CAN

Stuyvesant High School Diving Team :

A.C.T Sandvikens Sim och HoppKlubb : SWE. Diving Academy : AUS

Sandvikens Sim och HoppKlubb : SWE

Taylor Made Divers CA



Team Charlotte Diving : SC

Texas Aquatics TX

The H2O Diving Site    

Tiger Diving NY.


Tucson Diving Team AZ

United States Diving, Inc


United States Master's Diving

USA Olympic Assoc. Diving Information Page

Whirlwind Diving CT

The Woodlans Dive Team TX

Wayne Oras Diving Site IL


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