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Amsterdam Cup East West All-Star Meet
DE DOLFIJN-Amsterdam, The Netherlands

New Pool



Mrs. B. Zum Vörde Sive Vörding- Bierens de Haanstraat 15, 1064 NC Amsterdam, The Netherlands                                                

Telephone & FAX:     + 31 206 134 175

E-mail:            p.j.zumvordesivevording@amc.uva.nl

January,  2001

Dear sport friends,

Hereby we invite you to compete in the 7th diving meeting of the
 " DE DOLFIJN " Amster­dam Diving Cup 2001,


Competition days:   June  1, 2 and 3,  2001.

Diving facilities:            2 * 1 meter Maxiflex C board

                                    2 * 3 meter Maxiflex C board

                                    3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meter platform

Diving program:            1 meter: age-groups             C/B/A/OPEN

(according to             3 meter: age-groups             C/B/A/OPEN + Synchro (open)

FINA rules)                  Platform*:      age-groups             C/B/A/OPEN + Synchro (open)


Meals:              The organization takes care of lunch and dinner from Thursday May 30,  until lunch at Sunday June 3. Included a Saturday evening party & barbeque.

Costs:                          NLG 125 per person. (€ 57)



Entry fee:                    NLG 15 per start. (€ 7)


Medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each group.

First two divers per team gain points for their team: 1st place: 20 points, 2nd place: 17 points: 3rd place: 15 points, 4th place 14 points etc..


The " DE DOLFIJN " Amsterdam Diving Cup is for the winning team.

A “special prize” of NLG 100 (€ 45) for the male and female winner in each All-In series.

Additional training facilities can be organised from Monday till Wednesday

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to p.j.zumvordesivevording@amc.uva.nl  before the 1st of March to the address above and you will get further detailed information. We are looking forward to your prompt reaction.

Preliminary time limit: 1st of march, 2001 Entry time limit: 1st of May, 2001

 Hotels:            Hotel reservations can be made at:

            Hotel van der Valk, Haarlem Zuid, Haarlem



                        By car 25 minutes from the Pool

                        By public transport 30 minutes (every 25 minutes)

                        NLG 165. per 2p room incl. breakfast

                                    Budget Hotel de Keizerskroon, Halfweg

                                                                     Telephone            ++3120 497 2941

                                                            Fax:                        ++3120 497 0581           

                                                            By car 15 minutes from the Pool

                                                            By public transport 15 minutes (every 25 minutes)

                                                            NLG 70. per 2p room incl. breakfast


                        Youth Hostel Haarlem noord

                        Email: Haarlem@ajhc.org

                        NLG 46. p.p. per night incl. breakfast

                        !  only for groups smaller than 10 persons !

                        By car 35 minutes from the Pool.

                        Camping Houtrak Halfweg


                        Email: info@campinghoutrak.nl

                        Camper NLG 10. p. night,  persons NLG 6.50 per night

                        By car/camper 15 minutes from the Pool

Bernadette Zum Vörde Sive Vörding and                   Heymen Westerveld, trainer/coach

Secretary                                                                      Oudenaarde plantsoen 17                                                                                                         1066 TH Amsterdam,

                                                                                    tel.+31 206 174 205