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Capital Classic
November 17-19, 2000


Hosted by the Montgomery Dive Club

November 17-19, 2000

Site: Montgomery Aquatic Center, 5900 Executive Blvd., Rockville, MD 20852

Directions: I-270 to Montrose Rd. East; right on Executive Blvd.; pass 3 lights, then pool entrance is on right

Flights are convenient into Reagan National, Wash. Dulles or BWI airports.

Entries: Send entries to: Karen Jenkins, 992 Farm Haven, Rockville, MD 20852. Entries must be postmarked by November 11, 2000 or received by November 15, 2000.

Entry Fees: $12 per event, advance entry.  Make checks payable to Montgomery Dive Club. Entries received after November 15: $15 per event.

Facility: Diving area 18 ft. deep with 2- one meters, 2- three meters, 5,7.5 & 10 meter platforms (rough-top)

Schedule of events

Friday, November 17th

2 PM open warm-up; 5 PM meet starts


1.14 & Over Boys & Girls Platform          

2. 13 & Under Boys & Girls Platform                                   3. Open 1 meter (simultaneous w/ 13 & U plat.)

Saturday, November 18th

7 AM open warm-up; 8:15 AM novice events start    (Novice events should be done by 10:30 AM)

Events (events may be simultaneous or combined)

4. 7 & Under Boys & Girls Novice                                      5. 8-11 Boys & Girls Novice

6. 12 & Over Boys & Girls Novice

10:30-1:30 Refreshments and a coach/ athlete clinic

1:30 PM Warm-up for J.O. & open events; events start at 2:30


7. 11 & Under Girls     1 meter                                                 8. 11& Under Boys            3 meter

9. Open 3 meter

10. 11& Under Boys     1 meter                                                 11. 11 & Under Girls            3 meter

12. 16-18 Boys              1 meter                                                 13. 14-15 Boys                        3 meter

14. 16-18 Girls               1 meter                                                 15. 14-15 Girls             3 meter

Sunday, November 19th

7 AM open warm-up; 9 AM meet starts


16. 12-13 Girls               1 meter                                                 17. 12-13 Boys                        3 meter

18. 14-15 Boys              1 meter                                                 19. 16-18 Boys                        3 meter

20. 14-15 Girls               1 meter                                                 21. 16-18 Girls             3 meter

22. 12-13 Boys              1 meter                                                 23. 12-13 Girls             3 meter


Park Inn Suites              11410 Rockville Pike               301-881-5200            walking distance                        $79

                                    Rockville, MD 20852

Woodfin Suites              Rockville, MD                           301-590-9880    5 mi (breakfast included)  no rate          

Double Tree Hotel            Rockville, MD                                    301-468-1100            1.2 Mi.                                    no rate

Ramada Inn                  Rockville, MD                           301-881-2300    1 mi.                             no rate

Marriott Suites              Bethesda                                  301-897-5600                                        $109

Pooks Hill Marriott            Bethesda                                    301-897-9400                                                $109                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Format for the Capital Classic

November 17-19 at MAC



J.O. Requirements: True D.D. for all dives with no D.D. requirements (11 & under & 12-13 must choose dives from dives listed in the U.S. Diving Rule Book)

11 & Under                                                                                                                           14-15 girls & boys and 16-18 girls

1m & 3m springboard: 5 dives from 3 groups                                                   1m & 3m springboard: 5 dives from 5 groups

                                                                                                                                                Platform: 5 dives from 3 groups

12-13/ 13 & Under                                                                                                     16-18 boys

1m & 3m springboard: 5 dives from 5 groups                                                   1m & 3m Springboard: 6 dives from 5 groups

Platform: 4 dives from 3 groups                                                                                       Platform: 6 dives from 4 groups


Benefits of this format: This format allows almost any level of diver at any stage of his or her training to compete and see where their skills are at this time of the year. The events are short and everyone gets home early.

Open events Coed Men & Women- (yes men & women compete against each other) open to anyone

Springboard and Platform: 6 dives- 1 voluntary with 2.1 or less D.D. followed by 5 optionals from 5 groups

After the voluntary round, the lead diver chooses to go 1st or last in the next round and chooses the group from which the next dive must be done. At the end of each optional round, the lead diver has the option to go 1st or last in the next round and chooses the group from which the next dive must be done. At the end of each round, the last place diver will be eliminated (provided there are at least 2 divers left at the end of round 5.

Novice Requirements

7 & under Novice Requirements                                                      12 & over Novice Requirements

Side of pool or ½ meter platform, 3 skills:                                      Side of pool or ½ meter platform, 4 skills:

Front jump, back jump, forward entry                                        Front jump tuck, back jump tuck, forward dive,

One meter requirements, 4 skills:                                                                            and choose forward or back seat drop in tuck or pike                       Front jump, back jump, forward entry                        One meter requirements, 4 skills:

                and one dive of choice                                                                       Front Dive tuck or pike and any three other dives

Three meter: Front jump                                                                             Three meter, 4 skills:

                                                                                                                                Front jump, Back jump, Forward entry (line-up)

8-11 Novice Requirements                                                                      and one other skill

Side of pool or ½ meter platform, 3 skills:

Front jump, back jump, forward entry

One meter Requirements, 4 skills:

                Front jump, back jump any position, and two skills of choice

Three meter, 3 skills: Front jump and 2 other skills

Operation of Novice events: Each event will consist of each diver doing skills at all three stations (side of pool, 1m & 3m). A diver may withdraw after any station. There will be one judge at each station. Divers will be broken into 3 groups and sent to appropriate stations. Judges will stay at their stations and divers will rotate from one station to the next as they finish skills at each station. There will be no degree of difficulty involved and every participant will receive an award. When all divers from that age group are finished, the event is over.

Benefits of this format: All divers will be finished in one hour or less and out of the building. Divers, parents and coaches like being finished quickly!


           Postmarked by November 11, 2000; checks payable to Montgomery Dive Club

Name: _________________________________________ Date of Birth:_______________________

U.S. Diving Number:_________________ Club:___________________ Coach:____________________­­

Please circle:             MALE      FEMALE

     9 & Under               10-11               12-13               14-15               16-18               Open

     1-meter               3-meter                Platform          

     Number of Events entered:_______     Amount enclosed: $________

In consideration of acceptance of this entry form, the undersigned assumes full responsibility for any injuries, damage, or losses which may occur to the diver or the diver's property, and hereby discharges Potomac Valley Diving Association, its agents, members, and any persons assisting in this meet; and Montgomery County Department of Recreation and its employees from any and all claims, demands, rights, or action or causes of action present or future, whether known, anticipated or unanticipated, resulting from or arising out from the diver's participation in this meet.

Diver's Signature______________________________________        Date:____________________

Parent's Signature_____________________________________            Date:____________________