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Mens 3 Meter Synchro Final
Fort Lauderdale
Aug 12, 2001

   Place             Score         Diver Name                                                                         Affiliation

        1                329.07         Justin  Dumais                                                                     (TEX) Texas Aquatics

                                                 Troy  Dumais

        2                284.88         Marc  Carlton                                                                        (IND) Indiana Diving

                                                 Tom  Davidson

        3                278.64         Jason J Coben                                                                      (KIM) Kimball Divers

                                                 Andrew D Sivulka

        4                262.05         Salvador  Vilardo II                                                              (UNA) Unattached

                                                 Mitchell D Richeson

        5                253.44         Kent  DeMond                                                                      (MDC) Montgomery Dive Club

                                                 Steven  Segerlin

        6                233.19         Phillip A Jones                                                                     (MUS) Mustangs in the Sun

                                                 Brice S Dumais