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Do you need to reach divers or diving coaches? USAdiver.com is the place to advertise because more divers depend on USAdiver.com for their information than any other source. USAdiver.com gets more hits and visits than any other diving website, and no other newsletter or magazine reaches more divers and coaches more quickly! Our audience encompasses the entire diving community from recreational, high school and country club divers to US Junior, Senior and Masters divers and their coaches.

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1 month $150

Coaching Job Posting
1-3 Months $50 USAdiver.com will supply and build the webpage free
Team Links
Free, Team site with commercial advertising on them will be removed

Your logo and website link will appear on the main pages. We can also build web pages for your camp, team, service or product rates for this service are negotiable. Summer Camp advertising can include multiple pages in color with photographs of the pool, dorms and other facilities. We can also provide on-line requests for information and registration.



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Yearly advertisers receive discounts on Newsletter placement. For newsletter advertising rates, please contact us at newsletter@USAdiver.com

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