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Junior Diving

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Junior Nationals 1999 with photos

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USA Junior Divers win World Youth Meet
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June 16-17 Waldkriburg Germany. USA age groupers captures first place at the World Youth Meet. This was the first time the USA sent a full team to the meet, also the first time selecting part of the team off the East West Nationals. The changes in the selection process seems to of worked. A larger more balanced team was able to compete and win. more



1 USA 233
2 GER 218
3 CHN 168

As most of you know, the last two years an East-West All Star Team attended a major competition in Europe.† The trips were excellent in many ways, well received by divers, coaches and parents. This year we attend the "De Dolfijn" (The Amsterdam Cup) Meet to be held on June 9-11, 2000.

Team Selection.† This trip is by invitation of those who meet the selection criteria. The team will be comprised of the top two divers in each age group at the East and West Nationals, who do not qualify for the US Diving Germany meet. more

Gymnastics to Diving

by Jen Busby

"The transition to diving was relatively easy and my gymnastics background was my biggest asset. My official diving career started just four months after my accident when I went out for my high school team as a freshman. In fact, my arm had only been out of a cast for one month. I had some success my first year but spent most of my time learning how to do the required dives. Following my first year at the high school," more

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by Joe Chirico

New Coaches Safety Certification

by Joe Chirico

"I can tell you itís not a pretty picture because coaches and Speedos donít always mix!† Not only are bell-bottoms back in style apparently nylon suit are back too.† (Several colleagues assured me that their Mike Peppe suits fit the last time they had them on.)" more

What's Up Down Under by Mike Martens

Beyond those competitions though, there is a genuine commitment from all of the National coaches to put Australian Diving ahead of their individual programs. There is one goal common to all coaches and divers ĖAustralia achieving successful international results. Opinions will vary as to whether that is the case in the U.S.A.† More

1998 Junior Olympic National Championships Largo Fl.
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