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Drills for Diving

Should Female Gymnasts Lift Weights?

Gymnasts must remain on the lean side of lean to be effective competitors at the highest level (Nelson et al., 1983; Sands et al., 1992, 1995). Not surprisingly, concern about excess body weight is common in gymnastics (Anorexia/Bulimia Association, 1994; American College of Sports Medicine, 1997; Leglise, 1998; Nattiv & Lynch, 1994). Female gymnasts and their coaches in the US are therefore reluctant to use weight training, in spite of abundant evidence of the benefits of weight training for sports requiring strength. Their concern is that the gymnast will develop excessive body and muscle mass ("bulk up") and thus become too heavy to perform effectively. more


Killer Abs -- At What Cost? By Stephan Baker, MD, FACS

"Killer abs" are the combination of strong abdominal muscles and taut skin with very little fat under it, so that the underlying muscles are readily visible. The thicker the fat layer beneath the skin, the less you see the muscle layer. more

7 Ways to Win by Sheila King  
Diehard tennis fans know that Steffi Graf stands at the baseline between points and runs her finger from ear to chin, brushing away perspiration. It's been part of her game for years. A subconscious act or a practiced ritual? Either way, it seems to help Graf wipe away the previous play and focus on the next point — and ultimately victory. more  

# 6--- Think about every possible scenario that could happen to distract or upset you, both in and out of competition and the pool. Play it out and determine what the correct response would be to each situation. Program it in your memory and be prepared to react that way in the event these things happen. Review this process frequently. more

For Divers Who Hate Sit Ups

Question:-- I see all these people at my gym doing sit-ups. I hate sit-ups, but I really want to get rid of my flabby stomach. Is there any way to get a flatter tummy without doing them?
-- Happily, yes. But before you start dreaming of a six-pack stomach, here's a cold hard truth: if you're carrying around excess weight in the form of body fat, all the sit-ups in the world won't get rid of it. Instead, you've got to lose that extra fat, slowly but surely with exercise and diet control. more

Is Your Work Out In A Rut?

Question: For the past year, I've been lifting weights a few times a week, doing the same six or seven exercises each time. How often do I need to change this routine to keep getting benefits?


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