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Amsterdam Cup
June 9-11, 2000. Amsterdan NL


Mrs. B. Zum Vörde Sive Vörding
Bierens de Haanstraat 15 
1064 NC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone & FAX:     + 31 206 134 175
E-mail:            p.j.zumvordesivevording@amc.uva.nl


Dear sport friends, Hereby we invite you to compete in the 6th diving meeting of the

 " DE DOLFIJN " Amster­dam Diving Cup 2000,

Competition days:      June  9, 10 and 11, 2000.

Location:                               The  Sloterparkbad, Slotermeerlaan 2, 1064 HB Amster­dam.

Diving facilities:                   1 * 1 meter Maxiflex C board

                                                1 * 3 meter Maxiflex C board

                                                3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meter platform

Diving program:                  1 meter:                 age-groups  C/B/A/OPEN

                                                3 meter:                 age-groups  C/B/A/OPEN

                                                Platform*:          age-groups  B (open to C) /A/OPEN

                                    * (To be held in Amersfoort because of pool renovation)

Accommodation: The organization takes care of lunch and dinner from Thursday June 8,  until lunch at Sunday June 11, Included a Saturday evening party & barbeque.

 Unfortunately we cannot take care of hotel reservations anymore. We strongly advice you to make your own arrangements.

                                (see overleaf for making hotel reservations)

Costs:                                    125 Dutch Guilders per person.

Entry fee:                              15 Dutch Guilders per start.


Medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each group.

First two divers per team gain points for their team: 1st place: 20 points, 2nd place: 17 points: 3rd place: 15 points, 4th place 14 points etc..

 A “special prize”  for the male and female diver with the highestpoints    

 The " DE DOLFIJN " Amsterdam Diving Cup is for the winning team.

If you are interested, please send the enclosed registration form, before the 1st of March to the address above and you will get further detailed information. We are looking forward to your prompt reaction.

Please use the E-mail address or FAX number above.

 Thank you.

Preliminary time limit:       1st of march, 2000                         Entry time limit:                1st of May, 2000

Yours faithfully,

Bernadette Zum Vörde Sive Vörding  and                         Heymen Westerveld, trainer/coach

Secretary Oudenaarde
plantsoen 17 1066 TH Amsterdam,

tel.+31 206 174 205

List of some Hotel and service agencies in Amsterdam.

Name of hotel



Room / Rates


Hotel Sphinx

Weteringschans 80/82



Room Standard, 2 pers. Nlg130/ night

Incl. breakfast.

Shower/toilet at corridor



Room 2 pers. Nlg150./night.

>2pers.: Nlg 50./night p.p. extra.

Incl breakfast.

Shower/toilet at corridor.



Room 2 pers. Nlg 160/night.

>2pers.:Nlg 50./night extra.

Incl breakfast.

Shower/toilet In the room.



Room 1pers. Nlg 100./night

Incl. breakfast.

Shower /toilet at corridor.


Amsterdam Tourist service

Damrak 7,


Tel++3120 520 7000

Fax++3120 623 8169

Rooms from Nlg. 40.



E-mail: sales@amsterdam-ts.nl


Nachtwachtlaan 11, Amsterdam

Tel.++3120 669 1621

Fax.++3120 669 1631

Room 2p No breakfast

Nlg 156/night,

Room 3p No breakfast

Nlg 181/night,




Bed & Breakfast service, Holland

Theophile de Bockstraat 3


Tel: ++3120 615 7527                       Fax:++3120 669 1573

Rooms 2p.

from Nlg.85. till Nlg160.

Breakfast included


E-mail brholland@hetnet.nl


Loosdrechtdreef 3


Tel: ++3120 696 1129                     Fax:++3120 691 3569

Rooms 2p. NLG126./night

Breakfast Nlg15.p.p.

Suburb Amsterdam, close to  the Highway

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