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Elite Diving Academy Hiring
July 2007

The American Flyers Diving Team head coach, Justin Sochor, has accepted the head coach position at the US Elite Diving Academy in Columbus, OH as well as the assistant Diving coach with the Ohio State Buckeye's!

Sochor will be looking for a new potential owner of American Flyers Diving Inc. This will be a full time job for an experienced coach. The Team utilizes Trampoline and dry board spotting as well as 1&3 meter water belts.
The team also utilizes a BRAND NEW state of the art Portable bubbler fixed in an enclosed trailer capable of a 200 foot reach into any pool.

All interested coaches should visit http://www.americanflyersdiving.com for a view of the current program and email coach Sochor at justin@americanflyersdiving.com with your interest.

The US Elite Diving Academy in Columbus, OH is looking to hire an assistant diving coach with age group club experience as well as spotting experience.
This positing will come with a salary and incentives. Please contact the head Elite Diving coach Justin Sochor at justin@americanflyersdiving.com for more details.

American Flyers Diving Inc.
Justin Sochor (Head Coach)
Phone: 216-926-3483
E-mail: justin@americanflyersdiving.com
Web-site: http://www.americanflyersdiving.com

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