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Question and Answers
By Joe Chirico USD V.P. Jr. Diving

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USD Regional Trining Center Guidlines by United States Diving


From Dick Wilson


I am concerned with the staggering of the dates of the Winter Junior Regional Championships. The earliest is March 4-5 at College Park, Md. and the latest is April 14 - 15 at Mesa, Ariz. Is it not possible that a diver may feel free to enter more than one of these events in order to gain qualification to the Winter Junior Nationals. This, the Winter J.O. Championship, is the only event on our calendar with this license, all of the others are held on the same week ends throughout the year.


Dear Mr. Wilson

You ask a good question. The reason for staggering the regional meets, a decision made six years ago when the East West Nationals got off the ground, was that during this period of time, it would be difficult to get college pool time due to college league championships and NCAA qualifying meets that occur in this month. If we locked the meet to one weekend, we would likely exclude the use of many pools. When this meet was first conceived, it was not expected to be a major meet in the Junior calendar. Now that the meet is very important to Junior divers and their coaches, the issue you raise should be reconsidered. However, it should be noted that a diver can only enter one regional meet and he must then attend the corresponding National meet (for example, a diver who competes in a regional meet held in a western region may only attend the West Nationals).


From Dr. Rick Schavone


I am writing to express my concern that the Winter Regional meet is being held during our college championship meet. This makes it very difficult for me to send a coach to the Regional Meet and we are one of the top teams in our Region. How can this happen?


Dear Rick

Now that there is more emphasis on the East West Nationals due to opportunities available to top finalists (qualification for International Trip, Junior Zones, Nationals and Training Camp) many top coaches, like you, are taking a more serious look at the meet. Your regional director is free to set the date within certain parameters. Because of the time of year, it is difficult to schedule the regional meets to avoid conflicts with everyone's schedule. Since many of our top age group coaches also coach college, the conflicts are inevitable. Here are some suggestions that may help. You can attend the meet at any region, many of which are held on different dates. For next year, try to talk to your regional meet director early and apprise him or her of your college schedule. Or, propose a rule change requiring that the meet be scheduled such that it does not conflict with the NCAA Zones or Nationals. I know these are not the best solutions, but we only have so many weekends in this time frame to work with.

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