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Spinner AAU Invite Update
From Larry May
DEC. 2004}

A few thoughts before the meet: click on the tabs at bottom of attachment for Sat. and Sunday schedule.

The meet is large but we can handle it.We will be running 4 tables simultaneously. For those first timers it is quite a show. Please help with the following: Tell your divers to stay under their board, swim back to the wall and be coached from the wall (not floating around in the well). Prepare them that they will get not more than 3 dives in the 30 minute warm up and practice the dives that they need to warm up.

SUNDAY – change. 7am open boards. 9am start time. The meet sheet says 9:30 start but hopefully this enough notice. Please inform your Sunday divers.

Parking – If your parents are staying at the Sheraton LEAVE THE CAR THERE. It is only a 2 block walk to the pool and parking is tough. The lot on the corner of 34th and Market across the street from the pool will be open and FREE from 10am on Saturday. The meters on the street must be fed on Saturday or you will be ticketed. Pay attention to the signs on the street and park in appropriate areas. Tickets are City not University, NO PARKING IN THE LOT BEHIND THE BUILDING OR YOU WILL BE TOWED.

SUNDAY the meters are off and you can park at any meter and not pay.

Awards- We will be presenting awards as soon as we have the results at the far end of the pool with a separate PA system. We will not stop warm ups . We have 30 minutes to get the next event moving and will do everything possible to accomplish that.

Most important- there will be a coaches gathering at my house on Sat. evening. There will be plenty of food and beverages. I will have directions at the pool . Please come and relax and have some laughs. If you don’t show up I promise we will talk about you.

Projected Timeline

Saturday open 7am-8:30 13 & u only
start finish

9 & under B&G 1m 10-11 B&G 3m 9am 10am

warm up 10am 10:30

12-13 boys 1m 12-13 girls 3m 10:30 11:45

warm up 11:45 12:15

10-11 B&G 1m 9 & under B&G 3m 12:15 1:45

warm up 1:45 2:15

12-13 girls 1m 12-13 boys 3m 2:15 3:45

open boards for 1 hour

Sunday open 7am-8:30
start finish
14-15 boys 1m 16-18 boys 3m 9am 10:30

warm up 10:30 11:00

14-15 girls 1m 16-18 girls 3m 11:00 1:00

warm up 1:00 1:30

16-18 boys 1m 14-15 boys 3m 1:30 2:50

warm up 2:50 3:20

16-18 girls 1m 14-15 girls 3m 3:20 5:20

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