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USA Junior Divers Win
World Youth Meet
Vicky Tuymer

The US Junior National Team traveled to Waldkraiburg, Germany for the World Youth Invitational June 16-18. The ten US divers had an excellent showing medaling in ten of the 14 events, taking home two golds as well as the team title. Tiffany Manning received an award for the highest scoring dive in the girl's 16-18 by doing a 205B from 10-meter for 8's and 8 1/2's.

The week started off very chilly and windy, which took its toll on many of the divers. As the week went on however, the weather got better as did the US team's diving.

The team rented bicycles to get around each day because it's the best way. Unfortunately, a few team members can't ride very well--they fell a few times receiving scrapes and bruises and especially wounded egos. Next time you see one of the team members, be sure to ask about it--there are plenty of stories.

On Sunday, the team went on a tour of Munich with the British and Chinese teams. The best stop on the tour was the Olympic Village where the 1972 Summer Games were held. On the way home, the bus was full of people singing songs--even the Chinese team joined in singing some songs from China.

Not only did the team compete with great success, but the trip was also great fun; many memories and friendships were made. Not just within the team, but with many international divers as well.

The US Team was comprised of Brittany Renfrow, Mary Yarrison, Lauren McCalley, Kari Retrum, Tiffany Manning, Kenny Jenkins, Brad Kern, Sal Villardo, Mark Shattuck and Jevon Tarantino. The coaches were Chris Bergere of L'Air Bergere and Larry Everingham of Road Runner Diving, and the Team Leader was John Wolsh of Montgomery Dive Club.

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