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2004 Olympic Diving Trials Men's Platform Prelims
Ron Kontura
"The Rule of Caesar Begins"

After the first two rounds of diving in St. Louis, Missouri, it is Auburn Diving’s Caesar Garcia leading the way with a total score of 647.25. Thomas Finchum, Indianapolis Regional Training Center is in second with 620.13.

Justin Dumais led after the first round receiving 9’s on a 107b. Garcia took over the lead in round 2 with a 6142b for 8’s and never looked back. Consistency was the key to Garcia’s diving averaging over 75 points per dive in the optional round. Finchum started off the trials with a 207C short for 5’s. Maybe he was a little nervous getting going, but he settled down and averaged over 77 points on his final 3 optional’s.   Dumais struggle with his back and gainers, going long and short on back to back dives. Justin then settled down and “ripped’ his final 6 dives to move him back into contention.

2000 Olympian, Mark Ruiz, never seemed to find his rhythm throughout the contest. Mark was diving well but had to follow Caesar Garcia in the order and could not match him on this day. The tables should turn in the finals with Mark diving before Caesar. Ruiz also missed his 626C in the 5th round for 3’s.

The finals will begin at 6:30pm Saturday night and can be seen on Live on NBC Sports.

-Ron Kontura

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