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2004 Olympic Diving Trials Men's Syncro Platform Prelims
Ron Kontura
Veterans Challenged by Youth in Syncro Platform

Kyle Prandi, Miami Diving, and Mark Ruiz, Team Orlando, hold on to slight lead going into the finals tonight in the Men’s Syncro Platform event at the USA Olympic Diving Trials in St. Louis. Thomas Finchum and David Boudia, IRTC, are in a close second only 5.52 points out.

The afternoon started out with the National Anthem performed flawlessly on a Harmonica by Master Diving World Champion, Tom Hairabedian. After the first round there was a tie on the leader board between the Dumais Brothers and Mark and Kyle. Finchum and Boudia’s second syncro dive of 103B was near perfect for straight 9’s and a 9.5 from the judges and moved them into 1st place after the 2nd round.

2000 Olympian Mark Ruiz and Kyle Prandi took the lead for good in the 3rd round after their 5253B received 8’s and 9’s from the judges for 84.66 points. In the fourth round, Finchum and Boudia scored 81.18 points on their 207C, which included a 10 and a 9.5 for Finchums back 3.5ss dive.

Going into the finals, the Dumais Brothers are within striking distance, 23 points back, after nailing their final dive, 5253B, for 8’s and 84.66 points. The finals begin tonight at 7pm with the Women’s Syncro Platform followed by the Men’s Syncro Platform events. Four more titles of United States Olympian will be handed out by the end of the evening.

-Ron Kontura

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