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Men's Synchronized Platform Finals

2004 O Trials
Experience Towers over Youth

Going into the Men’s Syncro10-meter Platform there was a buzz in the air about the two teenagers from Indianapolis who were points out of first place. By the end of the night it was the experience of 2000 Olympian Mark Ruiz and Kyle Prandi that prove to be the difference on who get to go to Athens.

From the first to the last dive, Mark and Kyle won each round and the right
to represent the United States of America at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens Greece. The Duo received scores of 7’s or better throughout the night from the judges. The Duo capped the night off with a 5255B (with a DD of 3.8) for 87.78 points and the victory. In the end they finished with a final score of 703.93.

The teenagers from Indianapolis started off strong as well staying within 8 points going into the 3rd round. This is when the teens lost their rhythm. 107B a little short, 207C a little long and then their final optional 5253B was off a hair and dropped the Duo out of 2nd and into 3rd place. The Dumais Brothers “RIPPED” their 5253B for 9.5’s to vault them into the second place finish and edging out the teens 646.98 – 643.86.

Overall, this may have been the best Syncro Platform Diving event ever held in the history of United States Diving. Garcia/Bricker Duo was 4th at 620.94 and rounding out the top five was Coben/Croaston Duo at 562.32.

-Ron Kontura

Round by Round Review

Round 1

How about a round of diving where the lowest score given on a dive was a 7. Garcia/Bricker received a Syncro 10 for their 403B. Finchum received a 10/9.5 on his 401B with Boudia. The lowest score for the last 3 Duo’s was an 8 with all three teams scoring 54.00 for the dive.

Round 2

Garcia/Bricker performed the hightest scoring voluntary syncro dive of the meet with their 301B for 55.80. Perfect is 60 and their dive received another syncro 10.

Round 3

This round belongs to the winning tandem of Ruiz/Prandi. Their 5253B score 93.84 points and vaulted them into a commanding 30 plus point lead. The Dumais Duo started to creep up on 2nd place with a 5237D for 74.88 points.
Round 4

Finchum/Boudia falter by going long on their 207C for 57.42 points. Ruiz/Prandi were solid on their 407C to extend their lead over the teens to over 50 points.

Round 5

The Dumais Brothers “RIPPED” their 5253B for 93.84 points tying them for the top syncro scoring dive of the meet. Finchum/Boudia fall short on their dive and fall behind the Dumais’. Ruiz/Prandi’s 5255B with a DD of 3.8 for 8’s proved to be the final syncro dive of the first ever United States Olympic Trials for Syncro Diving.

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