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Men's 3 meter Finals
Round by Round Review

2004 O Trials
by Ron Kontura
Dumais Wins 3-Meter, Wilcock Second

Friday Night at the Olympic Trials in St. Louis was a battle of will and desire. The will of Troy Dumais to maintain 3-meter springboard dominance in the United States, and the desire of Justin Wilcock to achieve a dream.

Going into the evening, *Troy Dumais was already guaranteed a spot in the 3-Meter Olympic Diving event due to his first place finish with his brother Justin in the Syncro 3-Meter contest held on Wednesday Night. Justin did not compete in the 3-Meter springboard event. So for Troy, an Olympic berth was not on the line, but his integrity was. Troy rose to the challenge and held off a determined Wilcock to win the 3-Meter contest 1151.37 – 1117.38.

Wilcock earned an Olympic Team berth by finishing second and overtaking Phillip Jones in the finals. Jones was heading into the evening in second place, but missed his second round dive, 107B, long for 4.5’s. This opened the door for Wilcock and he stepped right in to be a 2004 Olympian. Wilcock received 7’s and 8’s and averaged over 75 points on his dives.

Phillip continued to battle throughout the evening but feel short finishing 3rd with 1073.13 points. Clayton Moss was 4th with 1030.23 points and Jevon Tarantino moved up from 7th to 5th in the finals and finished with 1009.26 points.

-Ron Kontura

*Due to the limited number of Divers that are able to compete at the 2004 Olympic Games this summer in Athens, Greece. USA Diving made a decision on how the team would be selected.  The 2004 Olympic Diving Team would be determined by taking the top Syncro Diving Team in each Syncro event that the United States has qualified for at the games, Men’s 3-Meter and Platform and Woman’s Platform. The winner of each individual event would also qualify for the team. Then to fill to two open spots that the US has in each individual event, the Winner at the trials and the highest finisher between the qualified Syncro team at the trails would fill both spots.

Round by Round Review

Round 1

Justin Wilcock moved into 2nd place with a 205B for 9’s. Kevin McMahon, the oldest diver in the event, put down a 107B for 8’s. Troy Dumais hipped in a 107B for 7’s which allowed Phillip and Justin to move within 10 points of the lead.

Round 2

Tom Davidson and Kevin each performed a 407C for 7’s. Jevon “RIPPED” a 205B for 8.5’s. Jones “RIPPED” a 305B for 9’s

Round 3

The fall of Jones out of 2nd when he missed his hurdle and landed in the water for heavy for 4.5’s/5’s. Wilcock then nailed a 5353B for 84.00 points and moved into 1st place after Troy went short on his 205B.

Round 4

Marc Carlton Opened the round with a 205B for 8.5’s. The second highest scoring dive of the contest was Tarantino’s 307C for 8.5’s/9’s and 89.25 points. Clayton Moss answered with a 5353B for 8’s and 81.90 points. Troy received six 9’s on his 405B and put him back in 1st place for good.

Round 5

Wilcock put in a solid 5154B for 7’s to maintain his second position. Phillip answered back with a 5154B for 8’s and 82.62 points. Troy stepped up and put in a 307C for 86.10 points.

Round 6

Davidson finished the trials with a 5337D for 8’s. Andy Bradley, South Carolina Diving, “RIPPED” a 407C for 80.58 points. Wilcock only needed to land on his head to make the Olympic Team and he did with a 405B for 7’s. Jones had a chance to finish second with a perfect final dive, but fell short. Troy’s final dive was a 5353B, which he needed 6’s to win the meet, scored 8.5/9’s form the judges and was the highest scoreing dive of the evening at 90.30.

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