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2004 Olympic Diving Trials Women's 3 Meter Prelims
Ron Kontura
“Soldati Soars” into the Lead,

Springing ahead of the rest, Kimiko Soldati leads the women’s 3-meter event at the USA Olympic Diving Trials in St. Louis, Missouri. Soldati, CTC, leads by 19 points over Rachelle Kunkel, Trojan Dive Club. 2000 Olympian Michelle Davidson is in the hunt for another O-Team spot in 3rd place, 7 points out.

Kimiko started the evening with a 5152B for 8’s and never looked back. She finished the night with a score of 557.40. Nancilea Underwood, The Woodlands, was in second place after nailing her 107C for 9’s in the second round, but fell down the list to finish in 4th place with a score of 521.07. Rachelle took over the second place spot in the 4th round and finished with a score of 538.44. Michelle cut into Rachelle’s lead by picking up 11 point on her in the last 5 rounds of diving to finish with 531.30.

2000 Olympian, Sara Hildebrand is in 5th place with 500.19 and former Lighting Diver and Missouri native Ashley Ruenstein, Auburn Diving, is feeling right at home in 6th place with 485.58.

The night wasn’t without controversy. In the 9th round of diving, Summer Mitchell’s 403C was failed after a ruling by Referee Don Leas, Then Rachelle Kunkel was allowed to repeat her 301B and kept the scores of the second dive.  Details are still coming in after a protest. Ruling to take place at a latter time this week. More to follow.

-Ron Kontura

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