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Round by Round Review -
Woman's 3M

2004 O Trials
Round by Round Review - Woman's 3M

Round 1

Rachelle Kunkel received the first 8.5 and 8’s of the night on her 5152B. Kimiko also hit her 5152B for 8’s. But the story of the first round was Kellie Brennan. Why? Because she decide to compete with her fractured wrist at the Olympic Trials and opened with a 105B for 7.5-8.5’s. See the story to follow, “Courageous Kellie”.

Round 2

Nancilea Underwood “RIPPED” a 107C for 9’s and 73.92 points. Kimiko scored 7.5’s on 405B. Summer Mitchell, MVND, had a great top on her 305B and put it down for 7.5’s.

Round 3

Sara Hildebrand’s 5353C was spectacular for 7.5’s. Kimiko’s 107B scored 74.40 points receiving six 8’s for the judges. Nancilea’s 205B had a great top and she pulled it by a hair long for 7’s.

Round 4

Ashley Rubenstien, Auburn Diving, began the round by putting down a 305B for 6.5’s and was starting to feel right at home at the pool she trained at for so many years as a JO diver. Rachelle’s 4405B got 7’s and Davidson snuck in a 305B for 7’s. Julie Broms, US Elite, “RIPPED” her 305C for 7.5-8’s and Carrie McCambridge, Boilermaker Diving, “RIPPED” her 5335D also for 7.5-8’s.

Round 5

The last round of optional’s found Mitchell with a solid 5152B for 7’s. Which was followed by a 107B for 8.5’s by Rachelle. Davidson’s 5152B proved to be the highest scoring dive in the contest receiving 9’s-8’s and a total score of 74.70. Sara received 9’s on her 405C.

Round 6

Voluntaries do matter and they started off in this round with Michelle and Kimiko receiving 9’s. Ashley, Rachelle, Cassidy Krug(Stanford Diving), Jamie Sanger(Tennessee Diving), Lisa Silvestri(Indiana Diving), Kellie all received 8’s from the judges.

Round 7

Sara “RIPPED” her 201B for 9’s. Soldati’s 403B received a 9 as well. Lane Bassham(Moss Farm), Allison Brennan(South Carolina), Jamie, Michelle, Nancilea, and Carrie all received 8’s on their dives.

Round 8

Rubenstein remained steady and receive 8’s as did Allison, Michelle received 9’s on her 301B.

Round 9

Summer Mitchell, diver 2 in the order, after “RIPPING” her 403C has the dive failed do to reason yet to be determined and Rachelle is allowed to repeat her 301B which she received 9’s on the second attempt. Allison received 9’s on her 403B. Ashley, Michelle, Sara, Kimiko, Nancilea, and Carrie all received 8’s from the judges.

Round 10

There were three divers in the meet who had a shot at 12th place and an invitation to the finals. First up was Julie Broms and her 5132D went down for 7.5’s. Next up was Carrie who also had a 5132D and she performed hers a little better than Julie’s for 8’s. That left our final diver, Kellie Brennan – fractured wrist and all, with a final shot to make the finals and she came up short on her 301B pushing the dive a little out for 7’s. Carrie earned the final spot in the finals, pending a protest. Allison Brennan continued to shine through the voluntary round and finished with 8’s. Allison won the voluntary contest edging out Michelle 227.79 to 226.98.


Overall, a great day of diving in St. Louis. Outside of the top five, the diver’s that stood out were Ashley Rubenstien and Cassidy Krug. Their steady diving throughout the night put them both in the top 10. The biggest jump in the standings during the voluntary round belonged to Allison Brennan who moved up from 13th to 7th place heading into the finals.

-Ron Kontura

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