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2004 Olympic Diving Trials Men's 3 Meter Syncro Prelims
Ron Kontura
The Dynamic Dumais Lead

After the Prelims at the Olympic Trials in St. Louis, it is the Dumais boys leading the way in the Men’s 3-meter Syncro event. Troy and Justin Dumais, CTC, took the lead in the first round with there 401B/101B voluntary and never looked back. They finished with a score of 330.33, 35 points ahead of second place Jevon Tarantino and Phillip Jones.

Phillip and Jevon, Tennessee Diving, were late entries to the event due to the withdrawal of Matt Bricker and Ceasar Garcia. Phillip and Jevon were alternates and were added to the event as well as were Aaron Kirkpatrick (Kentucky Diving) and Tom Davidson (New York Athletic Club). Both tandems were tied for the alternate spot and both sets were allowed to compete in the contest.

In the 3rd round, Troy and Justin “RIPPED” their 107B for 9’s and put themselves ahead of the pack to stay for the rest of the day. In third place with a score of 291.93 are Clayton Moss, Kentucky Diving and Justin Wilcock, CTC.

Tonight the finals for Men’s 3-Meter Syncro will begin at 7pm and the United States will have its first two Olympians in Diving for Athens.

-Ron Kontura

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