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Get a Team Site

Your team can have a Team Site here in just one to two weeks.

USAdiver.com also offers on opportunity for teams to have their own web sites. A great option if you…

  • Need a website for your team;
  • Are tired of mailing out newsletters;
  • Need a better way to announce practice changes;
  • Don't have time to fill a newsletter with articles and practice tips; or
  • Need a way to introduce new divers to your program.

We can do all that for you by building a web site for your team. You simply supply team information and news via e-mail; we do the setup and maintenance for your site and we also post world and national news, feature articles, practice tips and advice from some of the best and least known people in diving. Members of your team will have access to exclusive "subscribers only" pages. At $10.00 per month, it so inexpensive, even a diving coach could afford it.

How To Sign Up

1. E-mail your team information, roster, logo, schedule, photos and anything else you would like to include on your site to USAdiver.com.

2. Mail a check for $220.00 for one year - this covers the $100 set-up fee and a fee of $10.00/month for site maintenance fee (minimum of 12 months).

3. You're all done!

Web site set-up takes approximately 1-2 weeks. You will receive a web address and passwords for your team members to access to exclusive "subscribers only" pages.

When you have meet results, schedule changes, news or anything else you would like to add to your site, simply e-mail the webmaster and your changes will be posted in a timely manner.

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