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East Weat All-Star Meet 2000
Amsterdam Cup June 7-12 2000


To:           East and West Coaches and Divers                

From:       Joe Chirico

Date:        3/29/00

Re:           East-West All Star Team Travel To the Amsterdam Cup- June 7-12, 2000.

Please note this trip is not a US Diving Trip, nor is the team a US Diving National Team.  Divers are responsible for the cost of the trip.

As most of you know, the last two years an East-West All Star Team attended a major competition in Europe.  The trips were excellent in many ways, well received by divers, coaches and parents. This year we attend the "De Dolfijn" (The Amsterdam Cup) Meet to be held on June 9-11, 2000.

Many national teams will attend this year's trip to Amsterdam including Germany, France, Belgium, Norway and England.  In addition, this trip includes one day and two nights in Paris, France. 

The purpose of this trip is to provide an incentive for divers to train for and compete at the East and West Nationals.  It also provides an opportunity for more of our age group divers to experience International competition.  In addition, we have arranged to fly out of Paris so the divers can take full advantage of this trip to Europe.  Please note this trip is not a US Diving Trip, nor is the team a US Diving National Team.  Divers are responsible for the cost of the trip.

Team Selection.  This trip is by invitation of those who meet the selection criteria. The team will be comprised of the top two divers in each age group at the East and West Nationals, who do not qualify for the US Diving Germany meet.  Any diver who is qualified for the Germany trip will not be considered whether they attend the Germany trip or not.  If the eligible top two from each event accept, and are not the same on one and three meter, the two divers with the highest combined placing will qualify.  Because individual families are responsible for the cost of the trip, no diver may accept without first checking with their parents and coaches. 

Coaches Selection.  Two coaches from both the East and West will be invited to attend the trip as team coaches.  We will invite the coach with the most divers attending the meet with international experience and the coach with the most divers attending the meet without any international experience.  We will continue down the list until we have the staff needed.  A head coach will be selected from this group.  There may be a minimal cost involved for the coaches.

Diver’s Cost.  The cost will be approximately $1400.00 from Newark, New Jersey and $1700.00 from Los Angeles.  This will cover airfare, entry fees, pool costs, hotel, most meals, coaching fees, awards and outfitting.

Coaches' Costs.  This will be based on the number of divers we bring.  Coaches should be prepared to pay up to $350.00.  However, it is possible that we can fully cover the cost of the trip for coaches from the exit city.

Parents.  Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend the meet and travel with the team.  It should be understood that divers are part of the team, the coaches are in charge, and the divers will remain with the team, even if parents are in attendance.  We have a limited space reserved.  We ask parents to let us know if they plan to attend ASAP.

Competition Site.  The pool is in Amersfoord Netherlands.  The facility includes two 1-meters, one 3-meters and indoor towers.  The Tower competition will take place in Amersfoort because of pool renovation.

Travel.  The team will leave from Newark NJ, travel together to Amsterdam.

Dates.  We will leave the evening of Wednesday June 7th and return on Tuesday, June 13th in the afternoon.

Outfitting.  Team warm-ups and suits are being generously provided by Speedo with help from Pacific Bay (1-888-731-3229 or www.pacbayswim.com/).

Insurance.  All divers must have their own insurance coverage.

Passport.  You will need a passport.  If you think you may qualify and will attend if you do, please get a passport now.

Other Considerations.  This is only an optional trip.  Divers will have to decide within a day or two of the East or West National Meet.  Once again, divers should check with coaches' first and then parents before accepting a spot.  We may not contact you, if you feel you are qualified foe should get in touch with Joe Chirico at 508-785--3030 or Joe@USAdivier.com The trip may not be appropriate for everyone due to their team's training plans, cost or other factors.

Due to the size of the group, the staff will strictly enforce all rules.  Problem divers will be sent home.  Coaches if you feel it's not in the divers or the team best interest please do not send them. We are looking for divers who are motivated to train hard and compete seriously in this meet. Diving comes first. Then if there is time we will do some sightseeing. If your grades don't allow you to miss school, don't.

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