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June 16-18 2000

Schedule of Diving Events

Friday, June 16

1. Girls 13&U  3Meter

    Boys 13&U  1Meter

2. Girls & Boys 14-15


3. Girls 16-18  3Meter

     Boys 16-18 1Meter

4. Women's Open 3Meter

     Men's Open  1 Meter

Saturday, June 17

5. Girls 11&U 3Meter

     Boys 11&U 1Meter

     Boys 14-15 1Meter

6. Girls & Boys 13&U


     Girls  14-15 3Meter

7. TEAM Competition

    3 Meter only

8. Girls 16-18 1Meter

    Boys 16-18 3Meter

9. Women's Open 1Meter

     Men's Open 3Meter

Sunday, June 18

10. Girls 11&U 1Meter

      Boys 11&U 3Meter

      Girls 14-15 1Meter

11. Girls 13&U 1Meter

      Boys 13&U 3Meter

12. Boys 14-15 3Meter

      Boys 16-18 Platform

13.Girls 16-18 Platform         Women's & Men's Open


Competition Time:

Competition will begin at 9:00 am each day. 


Open practice will be 6:00-6:30 am only. 

Assigned practice times 6:30-8:30 am. 

From 8:30-9:00 am the boards will be open for those in the first events. Saturday and Sunday will run TRIPLE events at the first event of each morning.

Dive Sheet Requirements:

Each diver must submit a complete and final list of dives for each event no later than noon on the day before the event is contested except 1st day - sheets due 6:00pm. Late Sheets=$5.

The dive number and position are the official description of the dive. 

Entries and deadlines:

$10.00 per event

 $5.00 per diver in the team   competition

All entries are to be postmarked NO LATER THAN JUNE 10, 2000. 

Late fee of $10.00


Holiday Inn Express - Meet Headquarters:

1300 East Bypass NE

Moultrie, GA 31768


20 rooms blocked

Call for rates.

The Inn of Moultrie

Highway 33

Moultrie, GA 31768


$45.00 + tax

Days Inn

1708 1st Ave SE

Moultrie, Ga 31768


$49.00 + tax

Barber Tucker Crawford Inn - A Bed and Breakfast

704 3rd St SW

Moultrie, GA 31768


Very nice. Call for rates.

5 minute walk


A little rustic with lots of outdoors and southern atmosphere.  A little bit different :)

Boggy Pond


15 minute drive

Ashburn Hill


10 minute drive

Quail Ridge


20 minute drive

Call for rates and descriptions.

From the North:

Take I75 South to the Omega Exit (17). Turn left at the top of the ramp and go to next Stop sign.  Turn left on to 319.  Stay on this road, through several small towns.  Watch your speed.  You will come to a red light at the intersection of 319 and the bypass.  Look to your left and there is the Holiday Inn Express. 

To Inn of Moultrie and Days Inn:

At  the same intersection turn left on to the bypass.  Go to the 3rd red light and turn right on to Hwy  133 or the Quitman Highway.  You will see the Inn of Moultrie on your right and Days Inn on your left. 

To Pool: Stay on 319 all the way through town until you get to 11th Avenue.  Turn right and you will run into the pool after about 2/8th of a mile.

To pool from hotels:

Go west out of parking lots to the 4th red light.  Turn left.  Go to 11th Avenue and turn right.  Go through 1 red light at 11th and Main. You will run into the pool after about 2/8th of a mile.

From the South:

Take I75 north to exit 4.  Turn right at the top of the ramp. Stay on this road, 133, until you get to Moultrie.  Follow the above directions to the pool and hotels.

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DIRECTIONS TO POOL………………………………………………………………………..

Meet Director:

Camila McLean

1231 1st St SE

Moultrie, GA 31768

Home 912-985-3547

Email:  cmlean@surfsouth.com

Meet Referee:

Wenbo Chen

149 Tallokas Ciircle

Moultrie, GA 31768

Home 912-890-5618

Office 912-890-5478



Meet Secretary:

Anehea Bassham

325 11th Ave SW

Moultrie, GA 31768

Home 912-890-2871



Mediocrity is NOT an option…

Moose Moss

2000 Moose Moss International

Moss Farms Tiger Summer Camp

June 16,17,18 2000

Moultrie, Georgia


Medals will be presented for first (1st) through sixth (6th) place. 

Rosette Ribbons will be awarded seventh (7th) through twelfth (12th) place.


2000 US Diving Rules will be followed in all age groups and open events.  There are no dive limits for  13 & Under.  There is no

D.D. limits for Open  events.  They may dive from 5, 7, or 10 meter.platform.

Make Checks payable to: Moss Farms Diving, PO Box 1060, Moultrie, GA 31768

Team Dive :

A new and exciting Team Dive competition on Saturday at noon - Each team will consist of 3 divers to compete a full 11 dive list.  The team must consist of at least one age group diver (15 or younger) and a female diver (can be the same person)!  Each diver has to do at least 1 required and

2 optionals. Prizes: 1st team= $100,

2nd team=$50, and 3rd team=$25.

Sanction # 0943


The Diving Well  is located at the Moultrie Recreation Department - 1020 4th St SW, Moultrie,GA.  The facility consists of four (4) one meter boards , four (4) three meter boards on  concrete platform short stands and platforms of 1,3,5,7.5 and 10 meters.  All platforms have rough tex surfaces and all equipment is serviced by water agitation systems.  The depth of the pool is 17 feet.

Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport.

Approximate 3.5 hour drive.

Tallahassee Regional:

Approximate 1.5 hour drive.

Albany Regional:

Approximate 40 minute drive.

Valdosta Regional:

Approximate 45 minute drive.

Air Travel:

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