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Woman's Synchronized Platform Finals

2004 O Trials
Soldati/Kunkle Athens Bound I Results

This afternoon at the United States Olympic Trials in St. Louis it was Kimiko Soldati and Rachelle Kunkel earning the right to represent the USA at the Olympic Games in Greece. The contest came down to the last dive, a 305B, by the last diver, Soldati. Kimiko rose to the occasion and received 8’s from the judges and a 10-point victory over Kunkel and a 14-point margin over 2000 Olympian, Michelle Davidson.

Going into the evening the top three divers were separated by less than 30 points and by the end of the evening they were separated by less than 15, a great contest to watch as diving fan. The first round was uneventful with each diver scoring about 69 points on their dive. Round two became the round when everyone started talking.

Davidson went long on her 205B for 7’s and 59 points. Rachelle was a little off on her 205B for 7.5’s and 63.90 points. Soldati was last with a 405B that had a great top, but she was not able to find the out and went long for 4.5’s and 39 points. That dropped her into second place, 7-points ahead of Davidson and 6-points behind Kunkel.

The 3rd round was a big round for Kimiko and Rachelle. Michelle was heavy on her entry and received 7.5’s for 63 points on a 107B. Rachelle received 8.5’s on her 305B for 73.40 points. Kimiko’s 107B was a little out, but “RIPPED” for 8’s for 74.40 points. Score totals after this round were Rachelle-745.44, Kimiko-739.80, and Michelle-721.20.

The 4th round saw Michelle and Kimko both make a move on Rachelle. Both Diver’s score 8.5/8’s on their dive and earned 72.90 points. Rachelle was a little heavy on her entry on her 405B for 65.70 points. The lead changed hands again with Kimiko-812.70, Rachelle-811.14 and Michelle-794.10. There was no room for error from any of these three divers going into the finals.

The 5th round came down to one dive for each competitor. One Dive, One Dream. Michelle was first and her 5152B was solid for 8.5/9’s and 76.50 points. Pressure was on Rachelle and she scored just enough to edge out Davidson. Rachelle’s 107B was a hair by and scored 6.5/7’s from the judges and 65.70 points. Davidson – 870.60, Kunkel-874.38. There was still one diver left and Kimiko needed 7’s to win the event and make the Olympic Team. She had a 305B left and jumped it up like a champ and put it in clean for 8’s. Kimiko’s final score of 884.70 won the contest and a trip to Athens, Greece.

-Ron Kontura

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