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Olympic diving event marred with controversy
But the diving competition almost turned into farce, thanks to the behaviour of an over-excited spectator. ...And what happened was, a member of the crowd actually managed to breach security, get onto a diving board and jump into the pool. ...whether that rattled the Chinese or what, is unclear. But they basically muffed their next dive.

Greeks Wins Men’s Synchronized Springboard Final 6th

Women Synchronised 10m Platform Final 7th

Games chiefs ready to give away tickets
Men's Synchronised 10m Platform Final Results 8th
Women's Synchr 3m Springboard : No Entries
Synchronised 3m Springboard Final Results
Photos from Athens
Diving Matchups - Women's Synchro
British duo take silver

The Chinese duo of Tian Liang and Yang Jinhui were impressive winners, with the Australian world champions Matthew Helm and Robert Newbery taking bronze.

US Jr. National Championships News, Results and Photos all Week
Our Host I All Results I Photos I Opening Ceremonies I Judging Photo
Cal Berkeley Names Ron Kontura Head Diving Coach

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to enhance our coaching staff by adding such a high-quality and energetic diving coach," Kuehn said. "Ron Kontura brings to Cal more than a decade of experience in elite-level diving and I am confident that he is the right person to build our diving programs to the world-class level

FINCHUM earns diving title
THE Magnificent Dumais
Diving right in ( fun photo)

But diving has a thrilling primitive side, too, a pirates-meets-the-Wright-Brothers aspect. To satisfy the instinctive desire, we shell out for fiberglass springboards and shiver through long lines at public pools - all simply to take a flying leap.

Despatie already has star aura

Former L.C. diver has fingerprints on USA diving

Sean McCarthy drove his car through the hills of central Indiana....His muffler fell off his car," Tonkovich said. "Here he was, struggling to get by, and the muffler falls off his car. And he didn't care. The important thing is his love of diving, his love of his sport. He gets by with that."

Dumais: Gold medal not priority at Games (great photo) Roseville
diver Sara Reiling wants more this time

Texas lifestyle suits Olympic ambitions

Russian divers plunge into heat, hospitality of UH and Houston

Despatie opens Olympics with 10-m synchro event Saturday
OLYMPICS perfect birthday present for diver

... Brothers would have been a stretch," Dumais said. For most of his life, Justin has been the other brother. He's 1 1/2 years older than Troy and was always a ...

Canadian divers reminded of Olympics every time they look down
J. Dumais, Wilkinson seek enjoyment first, Olympic medals second
DIVING star Despatie opens Olympics with 10-metre synchro event
AUSTRALIA confident of success in Olympic diving
Top Divers Advance at Junior Diving Nationals

Diving headfirst into the Olympics
Claire Febvay returns to the games after best French performance ever for a French diver at the 2003 world championships

Kentuckiana contingent: CASSANDRA CARDINELL, (good Photo)
China: Yuppie Flight
China wants medals. But rising prosperity is creating a crisis for its sports programs.

ONE hundred years of diving in Olympics
GERMAN divers aim for double medals
Looking at a higher calling

The view from the top can be a little scary. Once you get over the fear, though, competing in 3-meter diving can be a blast. Many of the competitors who took part in Keystone State Games diving Friday and Saturday

She does more than just jump off a platform
Diving Olympic champ Tian gets excited once in Athens
Linette top local at nationals
The next generation of Olympic hopefuls will take center stage this week at the Speedo National Junior Diving Championships at the Moose Moss Aquatic Center in Moultrie, Ga.

SNOWING or sizzling, Tian sees gold in Athens
Diving headfirst into the Olympics
Claire Febvay returns to the games after best French performance ever for a French diver at the 2003 world championships

LASKHO vows to compete "with anger"
DUMAIS' figure out how to synchronize

Synchronized diving, despite its twisting, turning physicality, is a matter of the mind: two athletes on a single, tenuous wavelength.

Games Ceremony Director Promises Show of Surprises
"I can only say that it will be nothing you have ever seen before. It is a completely different concept from any other opening ceremony, including the parade of athletes," said one official, who declined to be identified.

LOUKAS makes a splash at Sr. nationals
Big Bear Valley Recreation Committee reviews possble pool sites

Rick Earley, former Olympian and diving coach for USC and the Mission Viejo swim teams, was introduced by Campbell as a new member of the design subcommittee.

WILKINSON ready to defend her gold
Princeton Area Swimming and Diving Association's championship meet.
Sydney Setback Will Spur Me on - Taylor

Commonwealth diving silver medallist Leon Taylor says his Sydney Olympics disappointment has been “the driving force” which could steer him to success in Athens next week.    Taylor and his synchro partner Peter Waterfield came agonisingly close to becoming Britain’s first diving medallists in 40 years

Steve fired up for Olympics
After narrowly missing out on competing in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Birkdale diver Steven Barnett was determined he wasn't going to be two times unlucky.

a 1996 Olympian and cast member of Broadway's Movin Out will be on-hand to help with the festivities, along with Olympic Silver Medalist, diver, Scott Donie; will show off his skills on the trampoline.

GRACIE’S just glad to have made it to Athens
DIVER prepares to repeat gold medal performance I Video
LOCALS make mark with US Elite
CHINESE divers face stiff challenge
Ellicott City - MD, Central Maryland Dive League Individual Championships
LASHKO thrilled to get back on board
JUNIOR diver among elite in US
My Sport: Tony Ally
Diving one of Canada strongest sports at 2004 Olympic Games in Athens

One of the most successful sports for Canada at the Olympic Games in Athens should be diving.   Led by wunderkind Alexandre Despatie, the most talented diver Canada has ever produced, three medals, and possibly a fourth, could surface from the diving tank

Bermuda's Two more added to Island Olympic team

Katura also seems to have got lucky with a wildcard. The diver, who competed in the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002, failed to rack up the required number of qualifying points, but with several diving slots available for Athens, she has been selected to fill one of those spots.   It is understood her mother, Ellen Kate Horton, sister of former Sports Minister Randy Horton, has undertaken a significant amount of lobbying on her daughter's behalf, writing letters to both the International Olympic Committee and FINA, the governing body for diving. "I am absolutely thrilled," said Ellen Kate Horton.

Olympic countdown: 13 days
How a 13-year-old became the youngest gold medallist

At just 13 years and 9 months of age, Marjorie Gestring of the United States is the youngest individual gold medallist in Olympic history. .. The teenager leapt into the record books when she won the springboard diving event at the 1936 Games.

New troubles roil waters at Swim Hall of Fame

Discontent over leadership at the International Swimming Hall of Fame has prompted the withdrawal of several champion athletes and coaches.....The International Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale has struggled through its share of political chop, but this time the water is raging. ...At least 16 former swimming and diving legends -- including Greg Louganis, John Naber, Mary Meagher and other Olympic gold-medal winners -- have asked the museum to return their medals and remove their names. The chairman of the museum's board of directors resigned this week

OLYMPIAN Kimiko Soldati captures national 3-meter diving title
CLAIRE Febvay She will compete for her native France.
DIVING for Gold - Yulia Pakhalina

University of Hawai'i signs Rui Wang, who won the synchronized 10-meter platform at the 1995 and 1997 Diving World Cups. Wang, a transfer from Tsing Hua University in Beijing, was also the 10-meter platform champion at the 2001 World University Games.

WISER Mun Yee winds down her training programme
Despatie gets send-off to Olympics, diver has shot at three medals
IRINA Lashko - Friday Olympian I ( Audio in RealMedia format )
N.Westchester Conference All-Star Diving Meet: Bress, Schenkel claim titles
Diver Bryan aims for semis berth after being named flag bearer

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