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More Olympic News, More Updates.
Athens Olympics News Week 1

Results Women's 10 meter Finals 1st NEWBERY  Chantelle,
2nd LAO  Lishi
, 3rd TOURKY  Loudy, 5th WILKINSON  Laura
GOLD for Newbery in 10m platform

FIRST diving gold for Aussie women

She would’ve been RP’s first Olympic gold medalist

Long before swimming champion Natalie Coughlin came along, there was Victoria Manalo Draves who won gold medals in springboard and platform diving at the 1948 London Olympics. ... But ethnic discrimination didn’t faze Draves who began diving at the age of 16. She married her diving coach Lyle Draves in 1946 and the half-Filipina, half-English mestiza became the first female diver ever to win two gold medals in the same Olympics and the first Eurasian Olympic medalist in history.

TOURKY  Loudy Leads Platform Semi-Finals. NEWBERY  Chantelle 3rd
WILKINSON  Laura 10th, HILDEBRAND  Sara 11th. Results
Women's 10m Platform : Final promises to be close
Woodlands diver has second gold in her sights
Highlights from NBC's Olympic coverage, and look ahead D. Bauder, AP
As a result, the women's semifinals felt more like a clinic than a competition. And she's tough! Sure would hate to have her judge our backyard belly-flops.

MEDAL won't be easy

ATHENS -- Emilie Heymans will wear her lucky bathing suit this afternoon -- and she may need that and a whole lot more -- to earn her second medal of the Olympic Games. ... "No, I'm not happy," said Michel Larouche. "I wasn't expecting being that bad ... We're going to have a different approach tomorrow (today). I'm going to have a little talk with her.

Taking a Dive - Sports Illustrated

I love the smell of chlorine in the morning. Smells like 10-meter platform diving, which is a welcome slice of air-conditioned heaven on the hottest day of the Olympics. Athens turned Sahara hot today. The temperature hit 38 Celsius, which I believe is 244 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tourky on fire going into diving final (photo)
WILKINSON, Hildebrand advance to platform final

Because the points from the first round preliminaries are now thrown out, but semifinal totals retained for the final, Wilkinson will start Sunday's final in fourth place, Hildebrand in ninth.

HEYMANS, Boileau dive to 10m final (good photo)
WILKINSON earns shot at platform title defense (good photo)
From Athens diver to McEntire flier?

Justin Dumais talks about diving as his former passion, the organizing principle of his life for the past two decades. He had thought about his retirement well before Monday, when Troy took a bad bounce off the three-meter springboard. .... He is also waiting for a letter, from McEntire, which will be sent out Monday and will tell him whether he will be one of the two fliers accepted into its training program.

Diving against the odds

Tomorrow, as expected, Emilie Heymans will dive for her second medal of the Olympic Games -- maybe gold. And tomorrow, Myriam Boileau will dive for herself, her family, for medical science and for everything she has gone through.

Veteran diver Zhupina leads as Chinese teens struggle - Hindustan Times
Zhupina tops women's 10m platform preliminary -www.chinaview.cn

"Emilie was not really confident for the first dives but the brilliance is to finish third. She is in the ideal position I wanted her to be in," said Heymans' coach Michel Larouche.  "I didn't want her to explode in brilliance. I want her to save that for the final," he said.

HEYMANS, Boileau advance to semifinals (Photo)
Olympic Diving Schedule and information I TV Times
Diving Medal Count I Detail Medal Results
Women's 10m Prelims Detailed Results (large file)
WILKINSON survives scare in platform preliminaries (photo)

The 26-year-old Texan was mired in 17th place — none of her first four dives were especially sharp — and facing the prospect of being eliminated from her only event of the Athens Games. Only the top 18 moved on to Saturday's semifinals. But Wilkinson came through on her final dive,

Women's 10m Platform: Diving nations go for Gold
TOURKY sizzles off the board
Can't go wrong with three days of Laura

Because of a scheduling quirk at the diving well, which shares space with the water polo pool, women's platform will be contested over three days, which should be good for NBC and not so good for fans hanging on Wilkinson's flair for the dramatic.

WAC to host Olympic watch party to cheer Wilkinson in diving
Local diver wins bronze
A clear focus and a cool attitude helped Birkdale diver Steven Barnett claim his first bronze medal at the Athens Olympics on Monday.

For China, Future Is Both Now And Later Success in 2008
First is a premium on youth. If two athletes vying for a spot on China's 2004 Olympic team were relatively close in ability, the younger one was chosen -- even if it meant passing over a defending Olympic champion. .... Its 2004 Olympic diving team includes a 14-year-old prospect for the same reason.

Diving duo hits rough waters Hildebrand, partner take 7th in synchro

Hellas breaks loose: Greek divers win first Athens gold (great photo)
Americans fail in clutch as Russians, Chinese falter
Media hype affects Chinese
Olympic heroes Media hype affects Chinese Olympic heroes

After his partner's last-minute error cost the men's springboard double gold on Monday, Chinese diver Peng Bo said, "We're ordinary people. We feel pressure, and sometimes we can't help having some distracting thoughts. Please understand us."

German Silver in Diving I Event Photos
Wilkinson plunging ahead - USA TODAY
Aileen Riggin Gold Medal, Springboard Diving, Antwerp 1920
Heart of Gold

As Olympic diving champion Laura Wilkinson prepares for competition in Athens, she's more certain than ever about God's place in her life.

Greeks go diving for first gold medal (good photo)
TAKING the Plunge

Olympic hopeful Kimiko Soldati loves to dive off a three-story-high platform. But the leap to faith is what she really found scary.

American brothers miss chance at medal

"After our fourth-round dive, I was just thinking that anything was possible and that I was going to enjoy this moment with my brother," Troy Dumais said. "I missed my last dive, but those things happen. I have another event in the individual [3-meter], and I am going to hold my head high and get ready for that."

Canadian 'diving fool' gets 5 months, appeals
Canada reaches podium
Olympic diver Garcia finds his beliefs a help in sports world
Despatie sponsored by Roots
Olympic Inquiry into 'Top Bombing' Canadian

Wearing a ballerina’s dress, he plunged from the diving board in “top bombing” style, screaming, “I love you,as bemused Greek security officials watched...He leapt from the diving board, performed some synchronised swimming manoeuvres before being fished out of the pool and led away by security following the incident last night in the men’s synchronised 3m springboard.(Photo)

Chinese diver loses psychology battle, said team leader
Chinese Olympic diving champion bags big prize money

Tian Liang, who won the men's 10m synchronized platform title at the Athens Olympic Games on Saturday, has guaranteed a total of 700,000 yuan (about 85,000 U.S.dollars) of prize money back home, it was learned Monday.

Shaky finish dooms U.S. divers

Finally, with a gold medal dangling within their reach, brothers Troy and Justin Dumais of The Woodlands were the picture of imperfect synchronization, wrapping up an astounding yo-yo ride that saw them climb from seventh place to second before winding up sixth.

Olympic diving event marred with controversy

But the diving competition almost turned into farce, thanks to the behaviour of an over-excited spectator. ...And what happened was, a member of the crowd actually managed to breach security, get onto a diving board and jump into the pool. ...whether that rattled the Chinese or what, is unclear. But they basically muffed their next dive.

Greeks Wins Men’s Synchronized Springboard Final 6th
Men's Synchr 3m Springboard : Greek divers write history

ATHENS, 16 August - Greece wrote history as the surprising Men's Synchronised 3m Springboard Gold medal winner and China continued its dominance in the Women's Olympic Diving competition.

Women Synchronised 10m Platform Final 7th

Games chiefs ready to give away tickets
Men's Synchronised 10m Platform Final Results 8th
Women's Synchr 3m Springboard : No Entries
Synchronised 3m Springboard Final Results
Photos from Athens
Diving Matchups - Women's Synchro
British duo take silver

The Chinese duo of Tian Liang and Yang Jinhui were impressive winners, with the Australian world champions Matthew Helm and Robert Newbery taking bronze.

THE Magnificent Dumais
J. Dumais, Wilkinson seek enjoyment first, Olympic medals second
AUSTRALIA confident of success in Olympic diving

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