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Post Card from Mary Jane O'Brien (doing fine in the Fla. Keys, so far)
"Coming home is really one of the best things about going away to one of these championships," Newbery said
Diver Bryan Nickson guns for medal in Brazil

After a golden age in the seventies—a decadent, late-Roman last hurrah—the American pool has suffered a gradual decline: thanks, for the most part, to concerns about safety and liability, diving boards have been removed and deep ends undeepened.... Such developments have consequences.... formerly dominant United States Men’s and Women’s Diving Teams have suffered, too.... Should we be concerned about the cannonball becoming America’s national dive? Coach O’Brien doesn’t think so.

Time to salute Olympic heroes

Chantelle Newberry. For 80 years we haven't won a medal in diving and here all of a sudden this girl has come out and dived her butt off and she's won a gold medal."


The Mission Viejo Nadadores is looking for a new Head Coach!

Passion is hard to extinguish

To become Connecticut’s state champion diver, Kelly Winterbottom, now a San Mateo resident, went through constant training and competition.... The spark re-lit. Fifteen years later, Winterbottom captured her ninth and 10th national championships in her age group at the U.S. Masters Summer Diving Nationals in Chicago Aug. 20-22.

Chinese dive to record haul

Athens - China had their most successful Games in diving since they first burst onto the scene two decades ago, as the once powerful United States sunk to an all-time low in the Olympic Aquatic Centre.

Preview: Rye High School Diving Team

"I think they all have their unique talents," Rye diving coach Mike Darland said. "I think all three of them have a solid chance of going to states. All three of them are very committed to the sport. They're very anxious to do what it takes to really perform well in the sport."

Wittenberg University Seeks Coach
Chinese diver and double gold medalist Gou Jingjing (Photo)
Australian Institute of Sport reappoints head diving coach
No witch hunt by panel probing Athens failure

This came about after the cabinet wanted a more detailed report on the athletes' failure to win a medal at the Athens Games.  The Olympic-bound athletes were funded by under the Gemilang 2006 programme.

China's party people (a good read about sports in China)
The Chinese Olympic champions leave for Hong Kong soon to celebrate their Olympic victory with locals and to collect a kilo of pure gold (32.1507 troy ounces) from Hong Kong businessman Henry Fok.

Clearly shocked at the enthusiastic welcome, Leon who was joined by his parents and girlfriend, former teachers and coaches, spent half an hour signing autographs and posing for pictures.

Divers find a mate to look up to (Funny Photo)
On This Day (Sept. 4th) in 1998 China's Fu Mingxia became the first woman to win consecutive highboard world titles, beating countrywoman Chi Bin at the world Swimming and Diving Championships in Rome.
Andover’s two-time all-state diver Brittany Jumer continues her driveto be the state’s best in her sport - WI

“She tells me when she doesn’t think she’s getting enough practice time,” Raihle says. “She’ll say, ‘I need more board time.’ That’s so refreshing for a coach to hear. She just has a fantastic attitude and work ethic.”

DIVING right into diving Bismarck Tribune - Bismarck,ND

... "A gymnastics background helps tremendously in somersaulting dives and twisting dives," Mandan diving coach Claudia Schoellkopf said

DIVING still up in the air at NCHS, Normal- Bloomington,IL
Beijing, announced that it would bestow a new house on diver Guo Jingjing
In Canada, Olympic ratings half full II

The CBC drew its largest off-prime audience, 1.822 million, on Sunday, Aug. 22, at 2:30 p.m. EDT for women's diving.

Niki hopes op will help him reach top

SCOTLAND’S No.1 diver Niki Bennet has gone under the knife after suffering 18 months of agony trying to make it to the top in diving. ...The braveheart Scot carried on diving despite knowing that the pain would be excruciating every time he hit the water

Quebec Olympians cheer sports minister's plan
Chinese athletes return home
Laval's Despatie comes home to hugs
AUSTRALIA's most successful Olympic team arrived home today, touching down to a heroes' welcome in Sydney.

OLYMPIC medallists Despatie, Hartley get welcome upon return

The key is to "make sports a culture, make the kids want to do sports and make the people interested in sports," the 19-year-old said.... Michel Larouche, the diving team coach, said "If you keep investing in the elite and developing the grassroots, you're going to see slowly the results improve."

Detailled Olympic Years Diving Medals Patient Kunkel advances HARTLEY prefers negative thinking
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