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Athens Olympics News Week 2 News

Lashko Has Top Score in Diving Semifinals

The United States divers have yet to win a medal in Athens, and there was just one event left after the women's springboard. The only time the Americans failed to win a diving medal was the 1912 Stockholm Games....Kunkel went to the evening with 209.76 points, still just the 11th-ranked qualifier and a long shot to end the U.S. drought at the diving pool.

US diving team's struggles continue on springboard

ATHENS, Greece — Maybe Greg Louganis should come out of retirement. The Americans are plunging toward a dismal performance at the Olympic diving pool, still in search of their first medal of the Athens Games “We have to go back and get to work,” U.S. coach Ken Armstrong said.-The Associated Press

Chinese athlete: 'I owe it to the party' - Asia Times
And the government treats its athletes well, too. Each gold medalist will receive 200,000 yuan (US$24,000) in reward money, or 23 years' worth of an average Beijinger's annual income

Results Women's 3m Semifinal 1st PAKHALINA12th KUNKEL

CANADIAN teen struts his stuff in spotlight
Patient Kunkel advances
Soldati fails to advance past prelims

Soldati battled countless injuries to finally qualify for her first Olympics at age 30, but she didn't hang around long. The American was eliminated Wednesday in the preliminaries of 3-meter springboard diving. ... After Soldati won springboard at the U.S. trials in June, her right shoulder began acting up again. Several cortisone shots failed to relieve the pain. By the time she got to Athens, Soldati couldn't even lift her right arm to wash her hair

SMITH misses diving final
US women take nosedive in 3m springboard (good photo)
US diver Kunkel squeezes into finals (good photo)
PAKHALINA leads diving semifinals; Kunkel barely qualifies USAToday
HARTLEY prefers negative thinking
SOLDATI fails to advance in springboard prelims-NBCOlympics.com
PAKHALINA leads springboard; American Soldati eliminated - USAToday
Peng reaps what he dreams for
CHINESE diver again springs to top

The American divers have yet to win a medal here, setting up the possibility of their first Olympic diving shutout since 1912.

RUSSIAN Pakhalina top women's 3m springboard prelim Beijing,China
Women's 3m Prelims Results USA 12th, 21st

TERAUCHI crashes out of springboard diving competition Tokyo,Japan
Peng gold; Dumais 6th as U.S. shutout continues (photos)
Medal Standings
Peng Bo wins 3m diving gold - China Daily (very good photos )
Soldati dives into sport with eye on history
China wins fourth diving gold
MISCUES end medal hopes for Troy Dumais

The finish kept the USA Diving medals shutout alive with just two events to go...But Dumais' upbeat acceptance of the results could be a good sign for the long road toward Beijing in 2008. "I finished the way I wanted to finish," he said. "I did a heck of a job,

GB diver eyes boxing switch
Justin Wilcock Fails to Qualify in Diving I (Audio)


The 19-year-old from Laval, Que., becomes
the first Canadian male to win an Olympic diving medal.
NO gold for Mr Newbery

He already has two bronze medals at the Athens Games after finishing third with different partners in both the synchronised springboard and 10m competitions. ... Before Athens, Australia had won just three Olympic medals in diving, including two bronze in Sydney four years ago.

Alexandre Despatie finishes strong to claim diving silver

ATHENS (CP) - Alexandre Despatie felt like he won the silver instead of losing the gold at the Olympic Games on Tuesday.
Audio:: Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie says the event took a toll on his mind and body and now he now must prepare for the men's 10-metre tower on Friday.

Men's 3 meter Results I Peng Bo Wins Gold , 2nd Alexandre Despatie, 3nd Dmitri Sautin,Troy places 6th
More on Diving
Men's 3 meter Scores going into Finals. Very close
DESPATIE may be air apparent
Results Men's 3m Semifinal Results (detailed large file)
Men's 3m Springboard Preliminary

Medal Hopes Take A Dive
DUMAIS makes springboard final; Sautin in quest for another medal
Results Men's 3m Springboard Preliminary
Olympic medal again within Dumais' reach
Despatie first in men's springboard preliminaries (not a good photo)
Fans of U.S. diver Garcia know he is more than an athlete, he's a hero
Utah diver has golden courage
New technology great for TV but not for judging dives
Dumais takes last shot at Olympic diving medal
Dumais is the United States' best hope for a medal in Athens. The only time the Americans didn't win a diving medal at the Olympics was 1912, when there were only four events. So far, they are 0-for-5, with three events to go.

Comeback kid Newbery mines gold for Australian diving -tehran times
NEWBERY does retirement u-turn
DIVER Shipman into semis
Golden diver just wants to hold son again
Medals rest on China platform (cute photo)
CANADIAN leads men's 3-meter diving
HEYMAN'S final effort a nosedive

One opportunity of a lifetime missed. Almost everyone in Canada who was watching could see this too familiar ending: Almost everyone knew, everyone except Heymans, who never knows the score, who closes her eyes before every dive.

Results Women's 10 meter Finals 1st NEWBERY  Chantelle,
2nd LAO  Lishi
, 3rd TOURKY  Loudy, 5th WILKINSON  Laura
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