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US. Olympic Diving Trials

Rec-Plex, St. Louis MO.
June, 2004

More News, More Stories, More Updates from Around the USA
Due to all the news and constant updates USAdiver.com has set up a special page to handle all the news and results for the US Olympic Trials. Current news is on top and many news stories lower on the page. We are updating about 25 times per day. Check back often. We all so have

OLYMPIC diver Ruiz, now healthy, hoping to medal in Athens

"I dive with emotions. I'm a very passionate person, about my sport and about what I do."...His diving coach, Jay Larew of Team Orlando, says, "When the chips are down, he'll do it."

Extreme sport has competitors on the edge - of cliffs

A potential Olympic sport? Cliff diving reaches new heights in the Kimberley...Some of the world's leaders in the sport of cliff diving have been touring the Kimberley's most spectacular gorges in pursuit of the ultimate dive.

Chantelle Michell and Robert Newbery bare all for gold and glory

"Black and White is well known for creating some beautiful photos. "I just hope the rest of Australia can appreciate the great bodies that are in that magazine." Hanson said athletes had not been paid to appear in the magazine, which would gross $2.5 million if sold out.

PURDUE diver makes it to finals of US Olympic Trials
US Diving, Cloudy Future: Commentary PETE HAYES , Sports Editor
Cassidy Krug Finishes Eighth In 3-Meter At U.S. Olympic Trials
Retired athletes face tough road

Fu Mingxia, who also won many gold medals in Olympics and world championships, entered Tsinghua University right after retirement and is already a happy mother, having married Hong Kong's former Financial Secretary Anthony Leung.... Some athletes chose to continue their sports careers as coaches, such as the former "Diving Queen" Gao Min,

Wilkinson Athens Bound by Ron Kontura
BYU Divers heading to the Olympic Games
USAdiver.com will have more Olympic News from the USA and the rest of the world, with constant updates. Only 59 more days

US Olympic Trials Results and News
Diving Trials Photo Galleries
Cloudy future U. S. diving: Commentary PETE HAYES , Sports Editor
Cassidy Krug Finishes Eighth In 3-Meter At U.S. Olympic Trials
Wilkinson Athens Bound by Ron Kontura
BYU Divers heading to the Olympic Games
Womens Platform, Final I All Results
On to the Games (A good USD Article)

Twenty years ago, the results of the U.S. Olympic diving trials would have all but foretold the results of the Olympics. .... "It used to be that sports added something to the rest of your life," O'Brien said. "Now they're what you do instead of the rest of your life." more

Controversy at diving trials

...U.S. diving's glory days are graying alongside four-time gold medalist Greg Louganis, who worked the trials crowd one day last week with a signing pen and a handshake...That reality has U.S. diving officials trying to maximize the U.S. team's medal potential, even at the cost of some trials controversy.

U.S.relief: Gold medalist aboard
USA Diving officials were holding their breath the final night of competition at the Olympic diving trials at the Rec-Plex in St. Peters, Mo....Had Olympic gold medalist Laura Wilkinson of Spring, Texas, not won the women's platform title Sunday to earn the final spot on the U.S. team, there would have been plenty of second-guessing.

WILKINSON could be NBC's Olympic queen
Gold medal in sight again for Laura Wilkinson
Texan wins spot back on U.S. diving team

It came down to one dive: The 16-year-old high school junior from Orlando with the famous last name vs. the defending Olympic gold medalist from the Houston area, with a trip to the Olympic Games in Athens at stake.

LIVINGSTON leaves her mark at trials
VIOLA finishes second; Hildebrand will join Wilkinson
Wilkinson earns berth on U.S. diving team

USA Diving officials undoubtedly breathed a sigh of relief, as well, knowing they wouldn't have to send a team to Athens that didn't include their most prominent diver.

WILKINSON survives scare to earn Olympic diving berth
WILKINSON advances to Olympics
Olympic diver's family imprisoned during World War II
HAIL CAESAR!! Round by Round Review Men's 10 meter

Garcia nails Olympic bid
A Dream Come True
Diver's dream comes true
Experience Towers over Youth
UM grad Prandi earns second platform spot

PRANDI and Garcia Earn Spots on Olympic Team
Diver can't make final dive

Ruiz's dramatic decision didn't affect the outcome at the top of the standings -- Caesar Garcia dominated from start to finish to earn his first Olympic berth.

Toughness comes with age

"You've got to be mentally tough in this game and in this sport," she said...If she isn't, no one is...Soldati, once an NCAA champion for Indiana University, became the 3-meter springboard champ at the Olympic Trials. Her Japanese father, Gary Hirai, who was born in an Idaho internment camp, will watch his daughter represent the United States in Greece. more

SMALL splash for Krug
Brothers dive into Olympic dream with 3-meter win
Grateful Soldati is a portrait of Olympic dream
HIS Olympic dream will have to wait

Thomas Finchum ended up making American diving history after all...Except it wasn't history with a storybook ending....For the first time, someone finished second at the Olympic Trials and did not qualify for the Olympics. That someone was Finchum, 14, of Indianapolis, who has become big in the sport despite his 5-3, 92-pound dimensions.

Garcia saves his best for last in victory
Garcia nearly perfect in surreal men’s 10m platform trial

Fearful Ruiz abruptly pulls out; Soldati onto 1st Games with win in women’s springboard Mark Ruiz climbed to the next-to-last ledge of the 33-foot-high tower — and couldn’t go any farther. It was still bright red as he prepared to compete in the evening. He broke down in tears during in the introductions, unsure if he even wanted to compete. more

Garcia Earns Olympic Team Berth on Platform
Interactive: Ins and outs of Olympic diving
Reviews Plus Round by Round
Womens Platform, Final 3 meter Men's Prelims
Men's 3M Finals 3 meter Men's Finals
Men's Synchro Platform Finals Men's 10 meter Finals
Women’s 10m Synchro Prelims Woman's 3M Prelims
Women's Synchro 10m Finals
Woman's Synchronized 10m Prelims
Men's Synchro 10m Prelims Men's Synchro 10m Prelims
Men’s 3M Synchro Prelims Men’s 3M Springboard Synchro
Women’s 3M Final Men's 10 Prelims
  Woman's 3M Finals
  Men's Synchronized 10m Prelims

OLD-TIMER Soldati claims spot on Olympic diving team
Soldati/Kunkle Athens Bound I Results

The contest came down to the last dive, a 305B, by the last diver, Soldati. Kimiko rose to the occasion and received 8’s from the judges and a 10-point victory over Kunkel and a 14-point margin over 2000 Olympian, Michelle Davidson. more

Brennen’s Courageous Battle by Ron Kontura

Life is hard and can get difficult at times. How we respond under these circumstances can determine the outcome. On Tuesday night at the Olympic Trials in St. Louis an individual took the board and competed in an event that she qualified for over a year ago, but a lot can happen in a year. more

Livingston sits in a precarious place
READY for the finals Conroe Courier - Conroe,TX,USA
Wilcock joins Troy Dumais on U.S. team

"It's a bit of disbelief," said Wilcock, a Utah native who has been training at The Woodlands, Texas, the past two years. "I think I'm still in a bit of shock." ..Dumais had no such emotion, though he was ready to celebrate after a long week of diving. ...
"Call the casino," he said as he left the news conference. "They're going to lose some money tonight."

MONTOUR (PA) HS.grad hopeful for Olympic spot

Wilcock garners trip to Olympics

HOOSIER misses dream

Phil Jones has been diving since he was 7. A measure of how exacting his sport can be is that 14 years came down to one dive....Jones missed once. He thus missed a trip to the Athens Olympics.

Wilcock clinches Olympic berth

"My expectations ever since I've been in Texas with Kenny has been training for the gold medal," Wilcock said. "And so as I prepare this next month before we go to Athens, I'm going to train with that goal in mind."

Change no help to Finchum, 14

TARANTINO is short of spot
Sara Hildebrand, front, and Cassandra Cardinell competing in 10m Photo

”It’s 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical,” said Mike McDowell, 16, who dives for the Blue Fins Diving Club. “When you’re three meters in the air, stuff can happen.” more

DUMAIS doesn't let up at Olympic trials
BRICKER Finishes 11th on 3-Meter at Olympic Trials
DIVING'S former golden boy back in Olympics
UI Diver Advances To Finals At Olympic Trials
HILDEBRAND-CARDINELL knock off gold medalist
TWO Buckeye Divers Close Olympic Chase at US Team Trials
Hildebrand, Ruiz qualify for U.S. Olympic Diving Team
Town Clown: (Wendy Lian Williams ) St. Louisan brings fun to sport
Prandi, Ruiz qualify for Summer Games
Hoosiers headed to Olympics (Great Photo)
WILKINSON, Soldati Beaten in Trials
HILDEBRAND, Cardinell win synchronized title (good photo)
Two Local Brothers Competing In Olympics 
TWO who won US spot fail to get Athens berth
DIVING brothers stay in sync, although not always harmoniously
Indiana Diving Duo Heading to Athens

,,,,a pair of Hoosiers heading to Greece for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

Garcia and Bricker Place 4th at Olympic Trials
UT'S Nicole Pohorenec places third in Syncho
DISEASE diagnosis doesn't deter diver

The disease most often strikes middle-aged women. "A 25-year-old male elite athlete is about as far from the stereotypical Graves patient as you can get," he says. Now, he has his doctors baffled.

BOUNDS Places Fifth in Synchronized Platform Finals
HILDEBRAND-CARDINELL knock off gold medalist

Round by Round Review
Troy and Justin: Heading to Athens in sync

For much of their lives, Troy and Justin Dumais were brothers in name only...Even now, they must overcome the inevitable tensions that crop up when siblings spend too much time together.

RUIZ, Prandi lead 10-meter synchro diving
Veterans Challenged by Youth in Syncro Platform

Former BYU Divers Heading to Finals
SOLDATI shoulders forward
Cardinell, Hildebrand take lead in 10-meter synchro

A fear of heights flusters Cassandra Cardinell. The ripples of dyslexia leave Sara Hildebrand with "expression issues" in front of crowds.

Diver is surprised by her own success

Two years ago, Ashley Rubenstein couldn't have pictured her success at the Olympic diving trials. After the opening rounds of the springboard competition, she can see it, live it and paint it herself.

Dumais brothers are clear winners (Great Photo)
DUMAIS brothers right in sync, headed to Athens
Dumais Duo Dominates, Next Stop: Athens Also Round by Round

The first plane tickets to Athens, Greece have two names on them, Troy Dumais and Justin Dumais. The Dynamic Duo yielded no mercy on the field of divers having qualified for the Olympic Team without needing their final dive. more

GAMECOCK divers advance to finals
BOUNDS Advances to Synchronized Platform Finals
Synchronized divers fall in U.S. qualifier
Taking 3-meter synchro comes easily for brothers

ST. PETERS, MO. - Brothers Justin Dumais and Troy Dumais were so dominant Wednesday night in winning the men's 3-meter synchro at the USA Diving Olympic trials, they could have still won with unsynchronized cannonballs on their final dive...Relatively speaking, that almost happened.

Mitrione is in sync (good Photo)
Dumais brothers win title
At the age of 12, Madison Palmer was an active youngster looking for another sport.
State athletes still have shot at Olympic berths

Kimiko Soldati has 557.40 points to Kunkel's 538.44, but Kunkel likes her position. "I feel I can do a little bit better," she said after the semifinals. "I'm really happy that I dove, for me, just normal. And that was the goal."

Also Round by Round

Sara Hildebrand and Cassandra Cardinell were flawless in their execution and near perfect in their Syncro to take the lead over 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist, Laura Wilkinson and Kimiko Soldati 326.97 to 304.02. more

Sivulka Teams with Coben to Place Seventh in 3-Meter Synchro
Indiana Diving Duo Leap Ahead Woman's Synchronized Platform Event
Women’s Platform Synchro Prelims results

Results Men’s 3M Springboard Synchro Prelims I Finals
Men’s 3M Springboard SynchroRound by Round Review

In the 3rd round, Troy and Justin “RIPPED” their 107B for 9’s and put themselves ahead of the pack to stay for the rest of the day. In third place with a score of 291.93 are Clayton Moss, Kentucky Diving and Justin Wilcock, CTC. more

DUMAIS brothers eyeing joint trip to Athens

Canadian diving team become ambassadors for sun protection
The team members will receive major financial support from Ombrelle
Results Women’s 3M Springboard Prelims and Semis USA O Trials
JONES, Wilcock in Tight Battle for Second in Men’s 3-meter
“Soldati Soars” into the Lead

Springing ahead of the rest, Kimiko Soldati leads the women’s 3-meter event at the USA Olympic Diving Trials in St. Louis, Missouri. Soldati, CTC, leads by 19 points over Rachelle Kunkel, Trojan Dive Club. 2000 Olympian Michelle Davidson is in the hunt for another O-Team spot in 3rd place, 7 points out. more

Soldati Leads Women's Springboard I Pair of BYU divers in good positions

Coach's vision pays dividends

But Jones recovered nimbly to remain in contention for what in theory are two spots in the event, which concludes Friday. But only the winner is assured a place on the Olympic team because of an arcane contingency that considers the results of today's men's 3-meter springboard synchronized competition.
...Because of that, it's possible that the second spot for the individual event would go not to the second-place individual finisher but to the member of the synchro team - determined today - who finishes highest in the individual event. ...Further clouding the matter is that not only will Dumais compete in synchro, with his brother

Three Hoosiers Advance to Finals I BRICKER and Rubstein Qualify for Finals I AU Divers Doing Well I ANOTHER Hoosier in Olympic contention

TARANTINO qualifies for springboard finals; Gorton retires
Men’s 3M Springboard Prelims and Semis Results
Troy Catapults into Lead after Voluntaries by Ron Kontura

Who says voluntary dives don’t matter. After the prelim and semis of day two at the Olympic Diving Trials in St. Louis it is the difference between the first and second place divers on the 3-meter springboard. more

DUMAIS leads semifinals in 3-meter springboard I Diver Dumais bounces back to lead trials

JONES, Wilcock in Tight Battle for Second I FHS (FLA) graduate vies for Olympic berth

Surprise showing from Kirkpatrick I
Richeson Advances to the Finals at U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Diving

Montgomery County divers off to strong starts at the Olympic Diving Trials

Road to Athens: Pleasant Hills' Ryan Fagan's high school had no diving team, not even a pool


US 2004 Olympic Diving Trials - More news, More stories coming
Women's Platform Prelims I Semis
Laura Leads, Livingston feels right at Home!

Laura Wilkinson. From the first dive to the last, Laura led the event and looked in Gold Medal form. Jessica Livingston from the Woodlands Diving team is in second place with a score of 502.53. Jessica, who began her diving career at the Rec Plex in St. Louis with Doug Beavers and Lighting Diving more

Livingston gets close to a dream

I Review "Caesar Rules"

After the first two rounds of diving in St. Louis, Missouri, it is Auburn Diving’s Caesar Garcia leading the way with a total score of 647.25. Thomas Finchum, Indianapolis Regional Training Center is in second with 620.13. more

GARCIA and Segerlin Advance

INDY teen plunges into US diving finals

GARCIA takes surprising lead

Hurricane Divers Conclude Platform Semifinals

BYU grad has always wanted Olympic shot I Kunkel making up for late start

Sole local qualifier is Gables' Prandi I YOUNG diver chasing leader at team trials

Finchum nears Olympic goal (Good Photo) I Day One of Olympic Diving Trials Complete

Fourteen-Year-Old in Contention for U.S. Olympic Team Berth

REGAN Gosnell 15th After Semis at US Olympic Trials
Splashless entry sent ripples through the sport (1904-2004)
Bounds, Starks to Compete at the 2004 Olympic Diving Trials
Diver learned her sport at the Rec-Plex
WILKINSON is ready to make another splash (good photo)

A champion by any scale

First for Kellie Brennan came the diagnosis of Crohn's disease in 2002. Next up was treatment for cervical cancer in January last year - about two weeks before she underwent surgery for a brain tumor.
"Everybody's got something, right?" Brennan said, laughing. "You become a warrior. You become a soldier." And, somehow, you stay a diver: more

Hunter takes shot as Fusaro sits out

As the Olympic Diving Trials begin today in St. Peters, Mo., one of Cincinnati's top two divers talks of gaining experience to prepare for the future. The other, sidelined, must wonder about her future. Indian Hill graduate Emily Hunter, 19, is a long shot in the 10-meter platform event, and says she'll more likely be a contender for the 2008 Games.

Arc of a diver
"He lives a clean life," O'Brien said. "He works hard and has a great attitude. He's married, his wife is pregnant and he works a full-time job and trains full time while pursuing a dream.

OLYMPICS hopefuls aiming to make big splash in diving trials
Indiana diving leaps into forefront

Wilkinson's return comes full circle

The interviewer, a reporter for a Chinese television station, spoke perfectly good English, so Laura Wilkinson had no problems understanding the question. Exactly how does it feel, Wilkinson was asked, to be a has-been? more

AUBURN Divers in St. Louis for US Olympic Trials
ARIZONA divers travel to St. Louis for 2004 Olympic Trials
Regan Gosnell To Compete at US Diving Olympic Trials

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